Big Skinny Wallets- A Traveller’s Relief

I travel a lot- about three times a year on average. Because Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and France constitute the bulk of my destinations, I used to invest in leather goods favored by the locals.

That meant lugging around bulky carriers like this:

damier graphite roadster

Not everyone would find that grey thing thing attractive. Many of my friends thought it looked hideous. I, however convinced myself it was avant guarde. I learned to love these outrageous designs. But then, I found that lugging around heavy leather canvass proved detrimental to my spine. Did you know that fancy label bags on empty weighed more than three pairs of jeans?

The novelty of branded travel goods wore off after the 40th trip abroad. Yes, there was a certain prestige to whipping out an exclusive label and fishing out a credit card to make a purchase, but these pricey leather goods provided absolutely no comfort. Behold what my wallet usually looked like:

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