Most pricing pages have three plans laid out horizontally across the page.

But why?

And in what order?

Simply copying what everyone else is doing, without understanding the purpose behind certain features or the research that shows which features convert the best, will give you a hollow page that fails to convert.

Here is a breakdown of five research-backed steps to create your own high converting pricing page.

Overview of the Five Steps for a High Converting Landing Page

This post is long, with tons of research and additional recommendations for high converting landing pages. So here’s a few of the highlights:

  1. Psychology-Backed Layout: Use techniques like price anchoring (to set context) or scarcity (to increase visitor urgency).
  2. Easy to Understand: Remove clutter (like extra nav details) and complexity (like hard-to-understand features).
  3. Order & Recommended Plan: Order plans from MOST to LEAST expensive, while also adding one recommended plan.
  4. Copy, Colors & Risk Reversals: Use copy and color to sell value, and credibility indicators to reverse risk.
  5. Conversion-Boosting Features: Include a free option with FAQ and live chat options.


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