I don’t care if you call it a n-itch or a neesh.

But we have to get a few things straight right off because when it comes to this . . . we have to get our heads straight-on to progress straight-on.

What the Hell is a Market?

Marketing, in various forms, has been with us from the beginning. It wasn’t invented with the Internet, with television, with radio. Marketing was around long before PT Barnum became wealthy through the mastery of it.

Marketing is the art and science of interacting with markets.

Let me ask you a simple question . . . What IS a market?

A market is a meeting place between buyers and sellers meet.

Where you find buyers, you find sellers – where you find sellers, you find buyers.

If there are no sellers, there is no market … and if there are no buyers, again, no market. Where you want to find yourself is where the buyers AND the sellers are.

It really is that simple.

Without buyers AND sellers there is no market.

I start you with this because I see, and have seen for over a decade, people working really, really hard at things that do not involve markets. I failed MISERABLY for three full-time Taco Bell cheap- eatin’ years (I like Taco Bell well enough but . . . ) because I was working too hard at the wrong things.

I am not here to argue, but to enlighten; the shortest path to results, and what you and I want is the shortest path because that is the ONLY possibility for easy, involves as little as is possible, other than marketing by being IN the marketplace of buyers AND sellers.

You must understand that most “Internet marketing” activities have nothing to do, directly, with buyers OR sellers.

Article marketing? Is a blog a market? Social marketing? Is Facebook a market? Search Engine Optimization marketing?

These countless ideas are like going to a Wal-mart, wearing a t-shirt you hope attracts attention (like Ask Me About Amway!), hoping someone approaches you, and then inviting them outside the store to talk about something other than what they came to the store to get.

In this process you have spent most of your time designing your t-shirt, trying to figure where you might find people who might be interested in your offer, putting together information to convince them you have the answer (even though you probably haven’t earned a buck doing it yourself – and they are your first and only hope, outside of family, that you will make a buck). In essence a lot of time is spent HOPING to create a market. You hope to attract buyers and you hope to become a seller.

Since the world is full of freaks you will find that one gem of a person who makes this work, but is it going to work for the rest of us? Do we really WANT it to work when there’s another way, a simpler way?

This is how most STRUGGLING Internet marketers go about things; they wander into someone else’s store (Google, a forum, a blog) and they attempt to divert people in their direction. Except in rare instances it’s just not particularly effective. And because it’s not particularly effective most people are not willing to invest more than minimal time, effort or money in the process. So we end up using tactics Google hates, because most people hate them, and we hope to do it by driving “free” traffic or clicks for .01.

Am I the only one who gets the insanity of this?

Now the worst of it all, for you, is that even though your gut has always told you this was a bunch of BS you buy this stuff anyway being perpetually burned by the latest person that you’ve given your trust to.

Now that you KNOW a market is a place where buyers and sellers MEET, now let’s talk about “niches”.

What is a Niche?

This is important so don’t just brush it off like “Yeah, yeah man, I already know.”

Maybe you do, but I think you don’t.

I’m sure you know the Warrior Forum, but if you don’t it’s a place people from all over the world gather to talk about all things Internet marketing.

In and of itself it’s a niche; it’s part of the bigger world of marketing, of direct marketing, of online business, and of Internet marketing because it has it’s own culture and way of thinking. If I’m the Warrior Forum and I’m going out to sell myself at conventions of buyers and sellers then it might make sense to go to all of these because I’m a niche within each.

Let’s say I decide to pay for a banner ad on the Warrior Forum.

Would it make sense to sell any old product on the subject of Internet marketing? Would it make sense to pay for a banner advertisement on the entire forum promoting the Affiliate Black Book?

No, probably not.

Whoah – really?

Only some fraction of the people there are there to buy something. That’s one. Though it’s probably far more likely a visitor to that forum would buy something than visitors to most others.

Of that fraction, only a fraction of those are likely to have any interest in affiliate marketing in particular. Affiliate marketing is a niche within a the bigger niche of solopreneur Internet marketers.

And then there’s the fact that I’m just a different apple.

Maybe only 20% of all visitors to the Warrior Forum would have any interest at all in me or my offer.

OK – I’ve got bad news for you. In the past you could pick an offer, send some traffic to it, and see how it played out. If you had money to burn then this wasn’t a half-bad way of finding a winner.Those days, no more. This is the hardest module in the program.That’s because you need to get this right and to get it right is going to require some time and effort.

Here’s the good news and why this time and effort is worthwhile.

I’ve encouraged you to take a long-term perspective. I’ve drilled home the importance of seeing a bigger picture. And, most importantly, I’ve told you that it’s pretty freakin’ sweet to do work once and get paid for it over and over and over.

The point here is this – This is the hardest work you’re going to do (and a ditch digger would laugh in your face if you complained about how very, very hard it is). It’s probably not going to happen in 30 minutes with the push of a button. However, get it right and you’re on your way to LIVING a 4-hour work week.
It may take days of research to find that ONE product. It might take longer. And you might already have the answer.

But it’s work that has to be done – And, even if we keep it on the modest side things . .

Is two days of intensive searching worth a monthly paycheck of $200?

How about a monthly paycheck of $2000?

Either way, you’re looking at something in the range of $2400 – $24,000 or MORE, per year!

So please, if you don’t get the answer you hoped for in an evening, after downing a couple beers, keep the big picture perspective.