I loved clash of clans- that is until I observed how rigged the AI was. And we know deep inside the objective for the rigging.

Let’s start with the history of the COC Rigging.

For one year I built my base from a townhall 1 and nearly maxxed its towers to townhall 11. This was 2015 to 2016. Yes I admit to buying gems (lots of it) at a time to speed up constructions.

Wins came easily. I can two star most opponents at slightly higher than my level. Interestingly, my queen remained at level 30 and my king at level 20. My victories, nonetheless outweighed my losses. I reached Titan in no time.

Townhall Eleven made its debut and I took the leap. In a month I had the shiny new Eagle artillery and I maxxed it rapidly. This period also saw me stop my usual purchases of maxxed gem packages. Why? Simply because I had nothing much to accelerate for tower upgrades. My base reached the pinnacle, save for the low level walls.

Then the easy two stars turned to losses.

I raided bases that I’ve always raided in the past and lost. I raided bases with towers two or three levels below mine- and lost. Now that was vexing.

My gameplay remained well-informed and non-impulsive, yet the losses mounted. It occurred to me that the troop movement changed.

I observed the AI. Interestingly  the army hive mind followed divergent paths from the time I trophy pushed. Soldiers trundled down corridors that made no sense and right to their death.  Hilariously, the Queen started going for non-essential resource buildings while getting hammered by xbows and archers.

Trophy losses mounted. Tor trophy pushers, that mattered. Did Clash of Clans start rigging the AI after I tapered my purchases?

I tested the theory on different accounts. The same banana.

I came to a revelation.

You’re golden when SuperCell thinks you’ll be investing in gems. What’s good for the company in good for you. But when your purchases dry up, the game manufacturer strings you up for losses to encourage new purchases.

Is this Rigging Fair in the COC Ecosystem?

Legally, the game developers can do anything it wants.

The company built the game and offered it for free to the general public.It follows that the company can monetize it anyway it wants. This includes rigging the outcome of wars and raids. End users like myself merely accept the terms of service and this includes all the catches that come with it.  Catches includes the AI movements, rigged or not as well as war matching.

So will you still play the rigged COC (Clash of Clans Games)?

I know I would.

I stopped pushing for trophies after making this discovery. I also resolved to stop purchasing gems. But I will still play because it’s a wonderful time killer when stuck in traffic.

What’s the Lesson from The COC Rigging?

You can make money from being a game developer. In-game currency or virtual currency is something fools- err- players like myself gladly spend on. Today, Supercell is worth a billion dollars because people build fortresses in a virtual kingdom with real money. This spawns a thriving industry of new players around the game, like map developers, strategy book vendors… and even black market gem hackers where you get in-game currency at no cost. Here’s one such well-lauded provider of free gems.

Oh and here’s an interesting video of rigging by another player