Seizing people’s attention in an increasingly crowded space is the challenge all advertisers face. On Facebook, given the modest real estate poses quite the challenge for entrepreneurs.

For today’s tutorial you’ll learn how to create instant impact for your ads!

Here we’ve picked out 7 ways you’ll discover key techniques to get your Facebook advertising standout from the group, craft them to optimize persuasion, and make them unforgettable to your customers.

1. Constantly Show Faces
To grab attention right away, ensure that your ad reveals a face.

We love studying faces. Because facial recognition as well as the capacity to read emotions in people’s face are the greatest societal instruments, our brains seek them out everywhere (thus pareidolia – our desire to uncover faces in clouds, on mountains, on Mars).

2. Emotions Consistently Win
Unless you are Mr Spock, emotions are always going to win over rationality. We are constantly attracted to emotions –  particularly in faces we see.

Studies have shown that facial expressions are universal amongst all cultures. One reason we enjoy looking at faces is because we need to read the emotions of others, so we know the best way to act towards them. What this means is that we’re great at picking out emotions in faces, even if they can be revealed just through microexpressions.

3. Use Crimson to Seize Attention
Most mammals can just see 2 colours. People can see 3. We have evolved to see reds, together with the blues and greens .  Due to this evolutionary change we discover the colour red the most enticing, shocking, and exciting colour of all.

4. Make Your Customer Meld with the Trendy Bunch
As much as we like to think of ourselves as individuals, we hate to wander too far from the bunch. This really is the reason why people love to be swayed by trends.

6. Five Words That Win People Over and Over

facebook ad secrets

Psychologists discovered the best mental tricks to make your ads unforgettable. By simply including a list of 5 words in your ads you can boost ad response by 200% over the baseline. The following are those words. (take note, all the words in the graphic above work amazingly well for ad persuasion)


Why is you so powerful. Because it makes you think of you. If every ad could be hyper-personalized that would be even better, but in lieu of that, the word you will suffice. Our brain is activated specifically by hearing or thinking of our own name and ourselves.


We value free highly. Free is the ultimate word for any viewer of an ad. We are always on the lookout for free. Including it in an ad and it’s almost guaranteed to catch the eye.


We want answers. Humans are inquisitive souls. We are constantly questioning why? And because of that the word because means a lot to us.


We love now. We discount things drastically into the future, so instantly nearly always seems like the better option. This has been backed up by brain scans, showing that if you offer something instantly, our brains go crazy.


We are novelty-seeking animals, so using new is a great way to show you are something fresh, or re-invigorate an established brand and put it back into the customer’s mind.

Here is a word cloud of the text from these 37,259 ads, where the size of the word is proportional to how often it occurred in all the fields.

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