Big Skinny Wallets- A Traveller’s Relief

I travel a lot- about three times a year on average. Because Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and France constitute the bulk of my destinations, I used to invest in leather goods favored by the locals.

That meant lugging around bulky carriers like this:

damier graphite roadster

Not everyone would find that grey thing thing attractive. Many of my friends thought it looked hideous. I, however convinced myself it was avant guarde. I learned to love these outrageous designs. But then, I found that lugging around heavy leather canvass proved detrimental to my spine. Did you know that fancy label bags on empty weighed more than three pairs of jeans?

The novelty of branded travel goods wore off after the 40th trip abroad. Yes, there was a certain prestige to whipping out an exclusive label and fishing out a credit card to make a purchase, but these pricey leather goods provided absolutely no comfort. Behold what my wallet usually looked like:

stuffed wallet

That definitely wasn’t sexy. It looked like an obese oyster that made out with a warthog during cheat day. It made my butt huge. And sitting on the damn thing was excruciating as swallowing a pack of bloated Liberal Party Campaign promises..

I started looking for alternatives.

I discovered Big Skinny Wallets  and Leather Goods.

My search for slim profile carriers saw me perusing Rinowas, Thules, Pacsafes. Many of these came with cool features and the usual hefty price tags. They looked great but none offered the minimalist, svelte design I wanted to shift too. I was sick of the bulge. I wanted something to go with my skinny jeans and yet pack on all the cards my usual leather snapped on.

Then I came across Big Skinny on their fanpage. Now I was impressed. The product commanded a rather hefty following with the stuff garnering likes and shares galore.

skinny reviews

None of the reviews looked doctored so I made an order for two which the kind proprietor promptly attended too. A courier went straight to my office.

The Big Skinny Lived Up to It’s Claims

Big Skinny wallets cost P1700. A mere fraction on what I used to spend on Prada and LV, the price positioned the product as a premium tech wallet. It’s claim to fame was stuffing in 30 cards and yet remaining suave looking.

How suave?

Behold comparisons of the slim Skinny next to my branded carriers carrying the same stuff.

From the top, you can’t tell the difference as to the slimness of profile.

The Big Skinny

But the differences become apparent from the side.

Big Skinny

The big skinny is on the left. Both are stuffed full of cards. Take note that the big skinny weighs a fraction of the others.

It's obvious

And here’s the Big Skinny vs the Prada. Startling isn’t it.

The Big Skinny is Worth It

The wallet competes in tech and comfort, not prestige. On this ground, nothing comes close. I have never tossed around a wallet that felt light as air and slipped into my pocket like a set of business cards. If you’re a frequent traveler, I say ditch the heavy Hickocks, the bulky LVs and the fragile Armanis. Here’s a wallet that not only carries all your stuff with the sexiness of the Tsunami Walk- it’s also waterproof and most likelywill survive a tsunami.

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