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I came across a pleasure cash quiz this morning by fellow blogger Jessica Moorhouse, but rather than play by the rules and reply her multiple choice alternatives, I believed we’d simply pluck out the questions here and reply them our own manner πŸ™‚

When you’re done though, check it out as well as see exactly what you score –> What’s Your Money Style? (FYI: you do should give out your e-mail to get the results)

I’ll reply them first, then it’s your move!


I’d personally add it to my cash reserves for a couple of months, then likely take $16,000 of it and wipe away my car loan once and for all. I feel like we’re so hurried all the time with this specific stuff? It’s fine to picture all the enjoyable things you can do with $25,000 also! Takes the Financial Empowerment Game to a whole other amount πŸ˜‰

#2. What’s your biggest fear with regards to retirement?

That I don’t live long enough to reach it πŸ™ I believe we’ll all get there fiscally-speaking (if you’re nerdy enough to read financial websites for enjoyable, you’re well on your own way already!), but the chilling part is simply not understanding how long you really need to live on this particular Earth. Consistently a difficult equilibrium when it comes to appreciating the days we’re given NOW and preparation for those we’re expecting to live afterwards. Which makes attempting to reach EARLY retirement much more significant to help you hurry up and begin appreciating all that freedom! πŸ™‚

#3. When interviewing for employment, besides wages, the most crucial thing you need to understand is…

If I’m going to love myself! And if I’ll fit in with the traditions also – something that can crush or accentuate my functionality fairly fast. going to appear in your work.

In that novel I was mentioning the other day, Essentialism, it talks about a business bringing in future hires to work for a day or two as a “evaluation” – which I believe is amazing! You’ll learn real fast if there’s great juju there by really doing some work collectively for just a little bit… Anyone ever get a opportunity to do that in preceding rentals?

#4. When searching for a brand new wardrobe, what’s your first priority?

In case it makes me feel GOOD. I don’t care in the event the clothing prices $1,000 or $10.00, the only way I’m purchasing something is if I feel amazing wearing it and it’ll continue me a long LONG time as my minimalist manners no longer get me into shops anymore πŸ™‚ I believe the last time I purchased a new shirt or pair of pants was over a year past? I simply no longer care about the labels as much as I do the way they make me feel.

(Huge warning though on the minimalism path – it can absolutely bust up your wardrobe. My mother literally asked me if I wanted cash the other day as she couldn’t consider the state of my trousers πŸ˜‰ Are they that bad???)

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#5. What quotation best describes your feelings towards cash?

I’m really liking this one from Kanye West right now out of all folks:

& #8220;Having cash isn’t everything, not having it is.”

It might be really simple to get caught right up in the pursuit, particularly as you come into more cash than you’re used to, which means you always gotta check in with yourself and making certain you’re going after the things which are really still significant in your own life. Consistently a equilibrium!

Alright, your turn πŸ™‚ Reply these 5 questions down in the opinions, and let’s see what your thinking’s like… You can find out a lot more about Jessica’s quiz (and play by her rules) here: What’s Your Money Personality? Discover Which Job Cash Plays in Your Own Life

(FYI: you need to […]