mini j. money scanner

[Me playing with my mother’s copy machine at 4 years old!]

Recall over the summertime once I vowed to go through one carton a week until our cellar was litter? Well, I survived a sound 2+ months but eventually life took hold and I’m now averaging about a carton every month.

And this month I’ve chose to place the challenge in overdrive and handle one of the most difficult cartons yet – the one labeled “memories from youth,” yikes.

Below are some of the jewels:

if i couldnt read or write

[I’d wish to kill myself? How spectacular!]

glow in the dark toothpaste

[I’ve so many questions!! Why won’t my children like it?? How much does this astounding paste cost?? A mobile torch – gah!!! I googled to see whether this has ever been made as my children now wish to attempt it (hah!) and appears like Colgate has stolen my notion ;)]

if i had 3 wishes

[Candy store hustle is where it’s at.]

if no mass media

[It would take me years to understand that last part!]

But actual reason I’m sharing this now is because I’m fairly sure I merely developed the BEST idea ever for repurposing youth junk.

One of the old notes and doodles from school, apparently my mum believed it will be fine to keep a number of the old cards I made for her and my dad also – especially around the vacations.

And fake no time has passed whatsoever? Wouldn’t their hearts only burst with memories and be a lot more purposeful? And bonus triumph: it wouldn’t cost a thing!

I liked through the remaining part of the bath to see how many cards I needed to work with, and turns out I’m great for a strong year. I’m place for Halloween, Easter, Mom’s Day, Grandparent’s Day (?), my mum’s birthday, and even a couple times if I get in trouble and require to say sorry to either parent 🙂

Check it out:

happy easter card

happy birthday mom card

[Why does that man in the bottom have a gun? haha…]

happy grandparents day

happy halloween card


sorry dad card

sorry mom card

That’s at least $30 worth of savings right there 😉

But of course the actual present is priceless: sending your parents back in time to recall all the great times you had together! What’s better than that??

Additionally , I came across some old notes and drawings my sister did also through the years, so perhaps I’ll at random drop those in the post also and it’ll be like she’s receiving a present from HERSELF! *Mind blown*

The memories that keep on giving… gotta love it.

Recall over the summertime once I vowed to go through one carton per week until our cellar was litter? And this month I’ve determined to place […]