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You understand how we’re constantly needing more cash regardless of how much we already have?

Well, I simply stumbled across this AMAZING idea by Chris at and it’s entirely helping me to *recognize* my cash more. He dubbed it “Retirement Freedom“, and in a nutshell it’s a speedy method to tell if you are able to retire at a usual age predicated on how much you’ve already saved up to this point.

Time is consistently > than cash.

(Another solution to place matters in perspective? Ask yourself whether you’d instead be Warren Buffet or stay yourself? You may prefer to reply Mr. Buffett, but unless you desire to be 86 years old right now you’ll need to reconsider that 😉 No one’s found a means to purchase more life yet, right?)

So, how do you decide if you’ve strike Retirement Freedom or not?

There’s a spreadsheet for it.

retirement free spreadsheet

It’s possible for you to catch it here or by clicking through Chris’ website, and following a number of brief entries it’ll pop you out your standing, complete with nerdy graph and all.

Fill it out as well as see where you land!

I merely did it and it revealed I’d desire $3,506,110 by the time I hit 65 to retire safely (25x annual expenses + inflation and all that great things), and after inputting our present investments (7,416) it reveals we’d have a whole pot of $4,651,476 by then – a million more than desired, woo! We’ve reach Retirement Freedom – celebration time!!! Haha…

retirement freedom date

Naturally, if we ceased giving now we’d need to be fine with waiting 28 more years to retire, which we’re not, but still – talk about setting things in view. And that’s a few seconds more than normal, which means you understand it’s good! 🙂

It’s been a couple of days now since first coming across this, and I actually can’t understate the quantity it’s transferred my thinking up to now. And this is definitely doing the trick.

Do yourself a favor also and read a lot more concerning this thought here, and then return and let’s understand what it revealed for you. You can watch your money grow, and also you don’t even need to age a bit! 😉