money savings chart

If someone asked you to save $1,000 right now, could you do it? How would it make you feel? What would you cut back on? (Or would you need to go out and find a new hustle??)

$1,000 is a lot of money no matter what position you’re in. And if someone told me to save it on the spot I’d probably first sigh, and then add it right to my list of a million other things I still need to do – hah. I love me some money, but trying to save large chunks at a time is hard! I prefer slow and steady, please.

Which is why the second I saw this chart from I immediately had a moneygasm (real thing!). A challenge + chart + print out all rolled into one?? SIGN ME UP!

Feast your eyes:

money savings chart(Does this remind anyone else of the”Jump to Conclusions” mat a la Office Space? ;))

The $1,000 Money Savings Chart!

Pick one amount to save every week, and by the end of the year you’ll have a cool $1,000! I can’t even count the ways I love this thing! Oh wait, yes I can…

  1. It’s VISUAL! Ensuring an 872% more chance of you actually following through.
  2. It’s FLEXIBLE. No increasing amounts or other harder-to-stay-motivated goals as the weeks go by with other challenges, just tick off the ones as life allows!
  3. It’s EASY. You literally only have to pick 1 box and then make 1 savings xfer.
  4. It’s DOABLE. Scan your credit card or accounts right now, and I guarantee you’ll see plenty of numbers that match up there which you could have easily crossed off the list.
  5. It gives you a FREE PASS! Did you see that $0.00 spot in there?? How’s that for a savings challenge – “Save nothing this week” and still win!
  6. And lastly, it’s FUN. Print off a copy for your best friend and challenge each other to win together! Then throw yourselves a (cheap) party at the end while you count all your benjamins.

Good one, right? And I just found the PERFECT savings account to go along with this too which will reward you even more on TOP of these savings, hopefully motivating you even more 🙂 I haven’t finished writing it up yet, but look for it to drop this Wednesday!

So, first, commit to taking this challenge this year, then secondly, come back in two days and see if this bank is a worthy spot to stash all your new cash. You can of course get started right away too and use your own, but whatever you do just make sure to keep the $$ separate so you can track your progress and stay excited! Nothing’s worse than not being able to appreciate your hard-earned savings. That was one of the biggest takeaways doing my Challenge Everything mission the other year…

Separated savings = multiplied encouragement

Here are some parting words from Jamie who came up with this brilliant chart:

“A simple way to boost your money saving chart is deciding that any “found money” you get will go into that account.  That means everything from getting a bonus to rebates to literally finding money in a pocket or on the street. Just match the amount you get to the box on the chart.”

You can download/print it off here: $1,000 Savings Chart

It’s 100% free, and Jamie also recommends hanging it on the fridge or anywhere else you’ll see it every day which I completely agree with. Get yourself one of those big fat markers to start crossing off those boxes too! 🙂 DO IT!!!!!

PS: $1,000 to easy for you? Take Romeo’s challenge down in the comments and add an additional “0” to the mix! 😉 That’ll make $1,000 –> $10,000! (And the $0 spot still $0, haha…)