Here’s how to ruin a lucrative career: rant about white supremacy and compare Asians to animals.

When you’re pure Asian yourself.

Here’s A Stupefying Look at Racism for Your Own Kind

A pure Filipina who migrated to Australia is an Instagram model with over 3 million followers – and she manifests dire self loathing. An Asian woman who has a burning desire to be with a white man at all costs. Her name is Lily May Mac, and due to her huge following she has received brand endorsements and has recently launched her own range of makeup and lipstick.

Lily May Macapinlac’s anti-Asian curses from 2012  exposed a secret desire to be half white while bashing her own race has an insane sequel  two years AFTER she was found comparing black people to her pet dog. Here’s a timeline of some of the swill shared a few hundred thousand times

lily may macapinlac racst

Lily May macapinlac Disgrace

Come 2017, an inflammatory photo circulated on social media due to the severity of the message it proclaims.  From April 2014, a Twitter post with the caption “Str8 up hood” shows a photo of Macapinlac beside a wall with graffiti that read: “Asian and [Lebos] Suck Dick. Aussie 4 Life. Cunt. White Power.



Apparently she has yet to take down the post as doing so would already harm her damaged cred due to the wide circulation of her comments. Here’s the actual twitter post 

Now this may all sound patriotic for her adopted country what befuddles me the most is her attitude about wanting to be “white”, wanting to marry a “white guy”, and to have “half caste children” and be a “soccer mum”, which is a very white stereotype.

I’m a white gal of British descent- if I did what she did, I’d be posting “White trash rednecks no good- they suck cunt! Asian Power Yoh!”  How stupid would that make me look?

Friends showed met reading some of her old tweets which have recently been dug up. Here is an excerpt by King Maletta of NextShark who first wrote about this self loathing Filipina:

lily is racist

Reddit- the world’s largest virtual hub had been abuzz about this confused lass.  Some influential redditors couldn’t help but wonder what she used to be like before she hit the jackpot, and what they dug up was quite vexing:

lily racist tweets

Filipinos who dug up her heritage questioned the model for obscuring her roots. For those who do not know, Mac, whose birth name is Lily May Macapinlac, is pure Filipino. She moved to Australia with her family,

Her response to Filipinos raising the issue looked rather inflamatory

lily may mac dumb defense

The attitude of self race hate seems to be endemic in the family. Judge for yourself how her own mother voiced publicly that despite Lily being full Filipino, it is nothing to be proud of… and hence they moved to Australia.

lilys' moms defense

Lily’s father jumped in the bandwagon saying it’s great that she marry only white guys. Lily asserts she has “white fever”

Things are not looking good for this instagram model. The New York Post and other broadsheets report a heavy repercussion on her brand similar to the Tommy Hilfiger fiasco decades back.

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