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Got a reader request asking if we can talk about “substantial things” we’ve talked ourselves out of buying recently, and in an effort to not disappoint I thought we’d make her wish come true today 🙂

Anything come to mind over there at first thought?

I got something for ya, but first – let’s see what she wrote:

Hey J$$$$,

Here’s a topic suggestion. “What is the last “substantial” thing you talked yourself out of buying?”…..

So we went shopping this weekend. Our favorite kind: antiquing. We moved a few months ago, so it’s time to check out our new digs. The first shop on our list ended up being an open field. Either they moved, never existed or I wrote down the wrong address (or the $20 GPS my husband bought from a co-worker is a total dud! GRRRRR), but up the road we stumbled upon another shop.

Lordy lordy a huge shop chock full of goodies & best of all, NO JUNK! Decent prices. No bargains but mostly fair prices. We spent 2 hours marveling at all the unique items.

My husband spent 99% of the time deciding what old train stuff to buy. Me? I made a list & measured numerous items. Oh my, wouldn’t that $600 entertainment cabinet looked fabulous in the corner of our living room? $800 for 2 antique silk embroideries would fill up that big empty wall in the dining room. That $125 lantern would be a nice addition to the other 2 sitting on top of a built in by the fireplace & it lights up too! The one of a kind $150 South American stitchery would make a great conversation piece in our foyer. Those 2 1955 $80 lithographs would add a great punch of color to that hallway wall. $200 for an oil painting of a little girl golfing (we live in big golf community). Now wouldn’t that make the powder room come alive? Perfect small size too.

Okay, so I can’t afford to buy them all but perhaps I can squeeze just one of these treasures into our budget? Oh but, which one will it be? Decisions, decisions, decisions!

I couldn’t think straight. Too many wonderful beauties to choose from but hubby quickly bought 3 old train items in their original 1950’s boxes. They were overpriced but he made an acceptable $135 offer.

I decided to fight the urge & spent $4 on 5 huge super juicy tomatoes! BLT’s on the menu tomorrow!

We shopped all day & I finally succumbed to spending $8 on 4 large cotton boll stems (the cheapest I’ve seen them in the past is $9 per stem) because my mother commented that the 2 empty vases on our mantle would look better with something in them.

So we got home & after thinking about it, I am SO glad & proud of myself for talking myself out of buying anything “substantial”. I didn’t cave into my human emotions to buy stuff we really don’t need!

Hubby was happy buying old train stuff. He’s not treated himself to anything in ages. Imagine my surprise when he resold ALL the train stuff the next day to 2 local guys for a profit! His profit paid for the entire day including what I bought, our lunch & gas!

Hubby said we need to do this more often. Hmmm as long as we can remind ourselves of “wants” vs “needs”.

Thanx again to you for your great blog! I really enjoy reading it & it’s always very inspiring,


Well done, Margaret! As a reformed antique’er myself (except in the department of coins – nom nom nom), I can attest to how hard it is to say NO to those things. Especially right there in the moment!

I racked my brain to see what things I’ve recently turned down despite my initial eagerness, and while at first nothing came to mind, I was soon slapped in the face by a stack of private school pamphlets staring back at me for our soon-to-be kindergartener.

That’s right – I said private school for kindergarteners.

I have never (EVER) even once fathomed the idea of sending my kids to a private school (no less one at 5 years old), however, a funny thing happens when everyone around you starts doing something – you think it’s normal and wonder if you should do it too!

(Remember how we moved to a more upper class community last Summer? Turns out the pressures are real!)

At first we brushed it off, but then one thing led to another and before we knew it we were taking a tour and imagining “what if.” The gawking at the $8,000 year tuition soon turned into gawking at all the perks you get for this $8,000 (clean rooms, state of the art technology, the safety and security of Fort Knox!), and an hour later we were back at home crunching the numbers and considering it.

Now, a few weeks later we were over it and touring the local – highly rated – public school where we eventually enrolled him in (still just as nice and clean and safe!), but for a hot minute there I began wondering how I was going to explain all this on my blog 😉 Not that it’s necessarily bad or wrong or anything – I obviously get the appeal! – but when we revisited the basics again I knew deep down it just wasn’t for us. And my son couldn’t tell the difference between them.

Though I’m not gonna lie – if we were set for life? This post may have had a different ending, haha… Particularly as all my kids’ friends are going there which is like The Joneses on top of The Joneses trying to reel you in! How do you tell your kids they have to be separated from their best friends??

But that’s a post for the daddy bloggers out there 😉

Getting back to the point, do know you are very much not alone in this, Margaret. For you guys it’s antiques and trains, and for us it’s currently school and kid stuff. And I imagine for everyone reading this it’s 1,001 other things that equally seems exciting in the moment.

The takeaway is that you realized where your priorities landed in the end, and you were able to find a way to treat yourself without going overboard. A feat not always easily done.

So for that, I salute you dear friend.

Now, I turn the mic over to my other dear friends! What was the last significant thing that YOU turned down in exchange for keeping your cold hard cash? What finally got you to walk away from them in the end?

Share below and let’s show Margaret a grand ol’ time today… And if someone can please paint her a nice picture of a girl playing golf too, I think we’ll call it a win 😉