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This is a quick note to remind us that not everything goes to plan – even when you do hit FIRE!!

(Left in the comment section of our early retirement quiz last week)

I haven’t really done the quiz – but rather than be a role model for y’all, let me be your warning.

I had aimed for retirement by 50. And achieved it. At 51 – my husband of 20 years walked without warning. Suddenly, I am backwards financially again.

Instead of having paid off the house, I am going to have to go get a mortgage. Instead of being able to run my own small business and live a slower paced life, that mortgage is forcing me back into the full time workforce. I have taken in a house mate to help with the bills, that used to be shared.

I am fortunate because I have had a superannuation (your 401k?) building up since I was 18. But this is the kind of thing that can leave people suddenly destitute.

Do what you need to build up your emergency fund, keep your own bank account, watch out for STDs (sexually transmitted debt) that can end up in the asset pool when doing a property settlement. And definitely work towards early retirement.

Because when you least expect it, your situation can change without warning.

I can’t even imagine going through this, but let me just say: DAYUUUUUUUM! What a kick to the balls! Killer reminder for sure, sugarglider, and something we often forget about with all our financial wizardry over here…

This time around it was a lame husband of yours, but others aren’t so lucky and won’t even live to see the wise age of 51, or have a myriad of other catastrophes hit without warning.

So I hear you loud and clear, friend. Plan for contingencies, stack as much as we can, and above all – appreciate what we’ve got right here in the moment! No one can predict what’s around the corner!

Now quick, someone tell me something GOOD! 🙂