Corona Survival Ideas: use these principles to raise money now

Is there an optimistic side even to the current crisis situation around the coronavirus? Definitely for resourceful entrepreneurs. People’s uncertainty, and the country ‘s exceptional condition, generate new business needs. Anyone offering clever deals here will turn fear into profit, and all without usurious deals.

The whole world is suspended in suspense. Literally because there is widespread concern about the spread of coronavirus. Private people stock up on breathing masks, disinfectants, toilet paper, packaged goods and other products of daily use. Reports of exorbitant pricing from online retailers who were thinking early on about the crisis market are gradually emerging in the newspapers.

There is demand not just for toilet paper, alcohol and breathing masks. The current economic situation provides the potential for startups, online retailers and innovative entrepreneurs to achieve a specific market advantage.

From ideas choose your tactic that is working for many now:

  • Scarce goods
  • Time limited offer
  • Fashionable protection equipment
  • Secure Delivery 

Fear of infection is generating new human needs. For example, the prevailing noodle shortage should ensure that long-life instant food or dietary supplements in powder form are especially common. There is also growing demand for intimate baths, so as not to be bothered by empty toilet paper shelves. There are several avenues for ‘crisis goods’ to open up a market.
Another opportunity for profit which opens up in this crisis is to invest in some stocks. Market analysts analyze “stay-at-home” or “quarantine” shares already. The pharmaceutical industry is now booming, and a search has begun for a new vaccine.
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Think creatively and seize advantage

Entrepreneurs are now asked to think about their goods and services outside the box, in order to satisfy their customers’ differences and needs.

The entrepreneur may, in theory, choose between direct product sales, commission-based internet brokering and service delivery. It must be understood that shipping service providers are reliant in most occasions, and that this is the limiting factor of the new business concept.

Learn also how brokering works on a commission basis through your own website or via social media ( Facebook , Twitter or WhatsApp). This business mode is called affiliate marketing or associate programme, in technical jargon. Special web links are created for products or services, and these are sent and recommended to friends , acquaintances or unknown contacts on your own website or via WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter. The finer the interaction and the more the advice is relevant, the greater the performance. Amazon runs one of the best-known affiliate services that can prescribe a discount on any product sold on Amazon.

The following is an organized list of ideas which you as an entrepreneur can use as an alternative to your previous business to grow your business or keep it going. It goes without saying that entrepreneurs must be prepared to resolve their own obstacles very flexibly, to reinvent and to start a new company. It can be the continuation of the previous business, but it can also become a whole new company as an alternative source of income to the stagnant current business, depending on what you can (draw, software …) or what goods and products you can sell:

Coronavirus Business Concepts
Market daily goods
Noodles, frozen beef, powdered chocolate, mashed potatoes, pasta, frozen broth, rice, whole egg powder (load better than fresh eggs)
Prepper kits (tool-based survival kits, long-term food, etc. – Exaggerated? Everybody decides for themselves).
Sell beer from Corona (also buy crate from Corona here)
Selling buckets of Corona (this is what it looks like for the Corona Party)
Corona costume (here: a little too late for Mardi Gras yet, as a reminder for the time after Corona;-)
Emergency Corona package (similar to Prepper kit here)
Corona Pizza
Corona paragliding
Cartoons from Corona draw and bid (e.g. through Fiverr)
Distribution services: medications, foodstuffs or clothing delivery services
For gourmets, corona quarantine (whatever that means, the postilion writes about it)
Corona Song (people want a Corona song, you can take this chance, for example, if you can write and compose)
Shopping or retirement orders (possible with full cover)
Write documents (I recommend these portals for text).
Make available your graphics skills (I can recommend these platforms for graphics).
Voucher distribution for the period after Corona (e.g. here)
Offer hygiene goods
Sanitation baths, private baths
Towels Available Towels (folding towels, paper towels)
Soap dispensers, disposable handkerchiefs (liquid soap)
Produce and sell all sorts of hygiene products for shops (plexiglass screens, warning signs, stickers, dispensers of disinfectants, posters, etc.).
Sell face masks, breathing masks (disposable medical masks)
Quarantine offering as a pastime
Recommended home board games (Card Games, Puzzle Games, Geo Quiz or capital Quiz, Flags Quiz)
Develop apps: an app as a quarantine reporter, for example: where the disaster areas are, how big the risk of infection is, advertise it
Corona jokes (with Google AdSense, put together on a website and earn money)
Mediation (send advice to friends , relatives and acquaintances)
Distribute seminars and video courses from A to Z (You can distribute the seminars for a commission from the dictionary of the creator through Whatsapp , Facebook or website. Interested? Contact me!)
Offer books, audio books, movies and music, and earn money with Amazon
You can go on and on this list, with enough imagination. It ‘s critical for the self-employed, entrepreneurs and those who want to become one to see the opportunity and use it as an advantage in the corona chaos. Many of the items operate only through partner services and on-line agency contracts, social media and on your own websites. And you’d have to follow the rules!

My hints:
It’s possible to raise money without a job but it’s hard to read here!
You can find loads more trends through Google Trends!