On a dreary night in Ukraine, it was 11 pm.

It was around a week before I had to flee the country because of the COVID lockdwns, I already had to abandon my apartment. (Seriously, real narrative).

My (now) good friend Richard had a town-wide apartment that they had just moved into. They let me crash for a few days while I worked out my next move, despite only knowing them for a brief period of time.

While all of this was happening, Kristian Stefan unveiled his new product, Online Marketing’s Surviving COVID. I recently began deploying its techniques as this was one viable solution to generating income during the coronavirus pandemic.

I went down the street to grab a cup, and it was 11:05-5 minutes after my sites were launched to sustain affiliate marketing

As soon as I got back, I checked my inbox, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“There were four emails, each saying” Mallory, you just referred to a sale! You earneda $126.99 commission.

I ‘d made $500 in a matter of 5 minutes.

Never before had I made money like this from my website. But it was at that moment that I really grasped the power to build and monetize an audience through affiliate links.

In this post, even if you’ve never made a cent online before, don’t have a massive following, or even if you haven’t started building your website, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know to begin affiliate marketing on your blog.

Obviously, we have to do a lot of work, so let’s get rolling!

How to Start Beginners’ Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way for you (the affiliate) to give your friends or readers a fee for promoting goods or services.

Here’s the 5 phase method on how to start affiliate marketing to simplify it:

  • You discover a product that you want to endorse
  • Do a scan for an affiliate program named “product name.” You can also promote it if it is on Amazon.
  • For their affiliate scheme, sign up
  • You get a special link that allows the merchant to control the people who have clicked on your link.
  • You get a fee if they purchase the product.
    Simple enough, right?

It can be a lot more technical, but we’re just going to begin with the basics in this post and get you to the point where you’re ready to make your first commission.

How does Marketing for Affiliates Work?
These days, there are a lot of distinct ways to track affiliates, but all are focused on someone clicking your special tracking link.

A cookie is the most prevalent and basic form of tracking.

A tiny file called a cookie is saved on the user’s machine when an affiliate connection is clicked. The merchant will see that they have been referred by you, then they buy a commodity.

There are even more complex approaches based on the email or IP address used, but we’re not going to get into those here, we’re going to follow

In 8 Steps, here’s how to start affiliate marketing on your blog:

Step 1: Build a Blog or a Website
Phase 2: Pick a sector, then choose Niche Down
Stage 3: Study your specialty products that you can review
Phase 4: Amazon Affiliate Program Registration
Phase 5: For the other items you want to check, find affiliate programs
Phase 6: Use your affiliate link to build content in the form of tutorials, review articles, resource pages or emails and
Phase 7: Customize the page and watch your Google rankings.
Move 8: Repeat and Rinse!

In this article, we will discuss all of these steps (and more) in depth, but from the beginning, it is important to understand the general method.

How to make the first dollar by ads for affiliates
With affiliate links, there are many ways to making money. But if I had just started learning how to become an affiliate marketer, and had to say, this week, make a hundred bucks? Step by step, this video shows you exactly how I will do it:

One of the things I love about this form of monetization is that it’s actually very easy to jump into affiliate marketing for beginners (even without a lot of technical knowledge).

You will then continue to learn more advanced techniques and tactics as your site expands and your marketing skills grow.

With Affiliate Marketing, how much money would you make?
The sum you will make can vary wildly, falling somewhere between zero and millions, frankly.

Your revenue is directly connected to the kind of deals you advertise, the amount of traffic you get to the website, and the knowledge of other online marketing skills such as email marketing and SEO.

But from various forms of promotions, you’ll get a pretty good idea of the earning potential with deepera analtyics.

How do you become a marketer for an affiliate?
Here’s the thing, you can pick just about any item you can shop online, and there will be an affiliate program that will give you a sales referral finders fee.

Just because you can advocate it, though, doesn’t mean that you should.

When choosing a product to sell, the most important thing to remember is, “Is it applicable to your audience?” For example, it’s probably not the best thing for me to try and advertise dumbbells on a legal website, because 99 percent of my audience would care less about them.

However, it makes far more sense for me to endorse, say, contract document services as most of my readers already has or has considered starting a website.

Once again, it is something that speaks to the viewer explicitly. Questions to pose before an affiliate product is advertised

I always ask myself the following questions as I’m trying to determine what to encourage:

This commodity, can I use it?

  • Will it help the vast majority of my readers to use this product?
  • Is the process of buying easy?
  • Is there an affiliate commission rate that is good?
    (Not always essential) If I answer yes to both of these questions, then it is likely to be a good match and worth promoting.
    Action Item: Make a list of items you use that you feel your blog audience will also benefit from using.

Try as many as you can to think about. And note, these may also include products that are complementary.

For example , if you write about travel, you can include loads of complementary things, such as luggage, headphones, backpacks, and clothes. Start Ads for Affiliates: Physical Goods vs. Information Goods vs. Services

Okay, you should have an idea of which items you may like to promote-now it ‘s time for you and your audience to determine which of those is the best match.
You can endorse three different kinds of affiliate products:

  • Physical Goods
  • Knowledge Products
  • Utilities

There are pros and cons of both of these, and we’re going to look at those now.

Marketing Amazon Affiliate: How to Market Physical Goods
For one reason, and one reason only, physical goods are probably the easiest thing to promote: Amazon.

Amazon has the largest affiliate program in the world, and you can get a suggestion for any item on the web once you sign up for and, receive a (small) commission on it!

Assuming you want to sell cellfophones on your website

In the search window, I type ‘top samsung phones’.


And then, I press ‘text’ from the Get Connection bar at the top once I’m on the electronics age that I want to highlight in my analysis.

You’ll see that there’s going to be an ID store and analytics.

Anytime someone clicks that connection, their cookie is registered as coming from me on Amazon, so I will get a small percentage of commission when they buy something.

Pretty great, right?

Oh , yeah, yes and no.

Commission rates for physical products are notoriously low because of all the factors involved in the sale of physical products (manufacturing, wholesale, shipping, etc). And they made a few adjustments to the rate structure in 2017.

Then, they made even more dramatic adjustments to commission rates in April 2020.

So, on a lot of items, you will earn a 4% fee, as high as 10% on luxury and fashion, and as low as 1% on video games.

You always earn less than a 10 percent commission even though you’re selling thousands of products a month. Because of this, I know a lot of people from Amazon affiliate websites who make a little bit of cash, but few who make thousands.

Average Commissions for Physical Products: 1-10%. Anything that is over 10% is really fine.

How to sign up for the Partner Program at Amazon
An excellent starting point is signing up for Amazon’s affiliate program.

Since the odds are high that you are already using Amazon, you are familiar with it, and so are your followers.

From the Amazon Partner program right here, you can sign up and get links instantly.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing as a Blogger Newbie
I would start with Flex Deals if you want to find affiliate programs for specific businesses.

Many of the largest companies (such as many of the tech companies I work with) work with them, and establishing a partnership with a larger affiliate network will lead to more possibilities that you would not have found otherwise.

Fast tip on physical product promotion
If you want to sell physical goods, if your market is very specialized, there’s probably a better place to do it than Amazon for the long term.

Amazon is tough because they have a cookie that lasts 24 hours. That means that if anyone clicks your connection and then buys it, you get the commission at any point within the next 24 hours.

This is a span of time that is very short. Compare that with certain other partner services where it could be 90 days or more in the time span.

For example, when I promote refrigerators with anti bacterial properties I typically receive a commission of 6.5 percent based on the average number of items I refer to each month.

I could join the affiliate program of the LG which pays out 6-8 percent, but it has a cookie for 45 days. So I get a fee if someone clicks the connection and then buys something within the next 45 days.

This makes sales much simpler to produce.

Action Item: To get an idea of what other choices are out there, if you know your niche and want to support a physical product, do a fast Google search for “product name affiliate program” or “your niche affiliate program.”

Marketing Strategy for Information Goods
Knowledge products are the next kind of variants you can explot.

Typically, this is something a writer, marketer or author has developed that shows you how to do something.

There are several reasons why knowledge items are so powerfulto advertise:

  • Higher commissions.
  • Automated sales funnels.
  • They fix an issue or have an answer your readers are searching for.

How to select which Infoproducts to promote
I’m pretty careful about the items I personally endorse, but I rely on marketing knowledge products for tens of thousands of dollars every year.

The commissions are much higher than actual goods, which is why I really want to promote them.

In general , information commodity commissions vary from 30-50 percent because the manufacturing costs are so much lower.

I typically look for high-priced products produced by individuals who are good at marketing when I promote data products.

Since I’m sending traffic to their funnel, and the sale is being converted. Relatively minimal is my work.

To give you an idea of the scale of this and what is possible, I have made more than $20k in partner commissions from one product alone over the last 2 years. In a blog post, this entails an occasional listing, 2 webinars, and a handful of dedicated emails. It’s that.

I’ve seen the outcomes people have had from the initiative to make things even better, and they’ve been impressive.

If you have a course or product from which you have personally used and seen a lot of results, check to see if an affiliate program is available-because if you ‘re going to recommend it anyway, you might as well be charged for it!

Each month, over time, that can add up to a nice extra bit of income.

Think about which services you use and if promoting them on your site makes sense. You may typically expect commissions on service items of between 15-30 percent, often higher or lower, depending on what it is.

My favorite Online Service Affiliate Services
Fortunately, if you have a website related to online marketing, blogging, or business, there are a lot of very strong affiliate programs for various services out there.

In order to get a sense of what an affiliate program entails, I wanted to share a couple of my favorites and start to get a feel for what could work on your site.

Clickbank– This the world’s largest affiliate marketing company.

CPAGrip – Very easy to promte. If you have downloads and free content on your site, this network lets you monetize what you already hae

CPALead -Just as easy as the previous. Imagine posting no-cost contests and getting paid for it.

HL – You can promote marketing services to other entrepreneurs. Earn almost $100 daily

Marketing of Affiliates with Honest Reviews

Product reviews are a perfect way to generate some sales if you have built up a lot of confidence with your audience. This works with all three kinds of goods that you can endorse, and for each, I’ve personally seen success.

It is authenticity that is essential to a good product review.

In every product review, make sure you include the following items:

“Clear headline featuring the keyword you want (for example,” product name review)
Clear links at both the top and bottom of the page for where to shop
A definite recommendation
A personal story on how the product is used or why it is recommended
I did this on my golf website with a lot of results.

Marketing Strategy with Tutorials
Tutorials are easily one of the most effective methods for driving sales of affiliates. It can take a long time to bring them together, but it’s totally worth it, too.

And what exactly is a tutorial?

Simply put, you build a post that tells people how to do things step by step, then you make a product or service one of the main components of success.

I did a few of these.

I am talking about all the steps you need to take to get a niche site up and running with my How to Create a Niche Site article. So, that includes some of the tools like Sumo and ConvertKit that I know and love.

I have another article, How to Set Up a Blog, that uses Bluehost to carry people through the process step by step. That’s a different product that I know and use. With no website at all, readers can go through that article, and have a bare bones WordPress site up and running by the end.

You can do it through video as well.

I make hundreds of dollars off both of these posts a month, but I know they are very important to readers as well, and we make sure that they are updated regularly.

Marketing of Affiliates with cross-reference posts
This can be another very successful technique for the sales of affiliates.

When there are two goods that are really similar and people are thinking about one or the other, it works well.

Comparing the iphone 10 to the Samsung 20 will be a perfect example.

When there are a lot of choices, and people don’t know what to choose, another form of comparison post that works well. A perfect area for this is web hosting.

I recently created an in-depth post that compared and contrasted all the various hosting choices and assisted the user to choose the best choice for them. It didn’t really matter which one they wanted, because no matter what, I would get a commission.

Starting Affiliate Marketing by using an Email Autoresponder
This is probably the most powerful (and most advanced) strategy for making affiliate sales we’ll talk about: your email list.

You could build a series of emails to advertise a product if you get to the point that you have a sizable list. If it’s an information commodity with reasonably large commissions, this works best.

For this to function well:

An email list of at least 1,000 individuals
A product for which you have either used and worked, or have a really good story / reason to endorse
A product that converts well (talk about this with the creator)
I’ve noticed that a 3 email sequence typically works well for this, but don’t start moving this way until you’ve had some experience with either email marketing or the other affiliate methods we’ve discussed.