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The NIF Group

Founded jointly by J.R. Plazo and M.N. Stanton. Powered by 25 well-diversified entrepreneurs, the NIF Group promulgates tactics to full financial independence. Interested to collaborate? Email us today!

Part of the Veritoria Group of Companies

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US Address of Key Members:

  • 3769 High Lake Trail, Upper Village Three, NJ, 08313-5566, US, (908) 342-9371
  • 7652 Umber Timber Highlands, Yelland, NJ, 08502-0253, US, (732) 862-6286
  • 597 Hazy View Estates, Globe, NJ, 07028-9653, US, (856) 697-2130
  • 6920 Rustic Elk Beach, Lizard, NJ, 07516-9197, US, (856) 085-0310
  • 8209 Stony Parade, Super, NJ, 07091-9502, US, (609) 280-1537

Ph Address:

  • 10 F Tower One Makati City.

Business Hours: 8a-6:30p M-F, 9a-2p S-S