Forex Artificial Intelligence

Forex Stock and Cryptocurrency Alogrithmic Trading

In partnership with currency and stock traders holding over 20 years trading experience each, members of the Netincome Formula group have developed over 17 artificial intelligence trading algorithms. Each AI trades on unique logic designed to exploit market nuances. No algorithm mirrors the entries of the other. The end result is a compendium of tireless robots harvesting the market regardless of global economic expansion or contraction.

The very first algorithm released was Pandora which utilizes multiple ADX engines cross checking with Weiss Waves, Bollinger Bands and WMAs. Trades are taken when ADX-E shifts direction along the H4 or D1 master trend. Pandora generated 3000 trades at a 97% win rate from March 2020 to June 2020

Following Pandora, the team released Hydra, an algorithm using all the Bill Williams indicators including the alligator lines and gator oscillators. Hydra can trade trends as well as ranging markets using PRC channels, bollinger squeeze zones and weakening weiss flow.

Hydra took just 3 weeks to develop and since then, highly complex algorithms launched one after the other. The latest artificial intelligences now draw Commitment of Trader Data with real time volume spike/trend information, ATR, volatility sensors and currency strength meters. The latest bots come armed with recovery modules that open counter positions on fractal points at double the volume to wipe out entries gone wrong due to global uncertainty.

Alastor- Trading After Deep Retraces and Guided by Bayesian calculations

Alastor, the 17th trading algorithm, launched on September 2020. She runs with virtually no drawdown as entries are taken after a deep retrace away from the master trend. When the deviation ends, and the algorithm ascertains the return to the master trend based on live volume spikes, polynomial regression channels, weis waves, ascending ATR and ADX, positions. Green light opens successive trades to profit. As with all algorithms created, Alastor makes sure that no positions open near the D1, W1 and M1 support and resistance lines. Market structure can stop out forex trades.

Forex is reactive and not predictive. Sometimes global economic conditions can skew even the most precise of technical analysis. Alastor’s backup is to continuously monitor COT (Commitment of Traders) Data to keep trading only where the big banks and instututions are putting their resources. And as with recent algorithms, Alastor nullifies the rare bad trade by opening hedge positions at double the lot size when an opposing fractal point is reached. Alastor is universal, works for all pairs and closes profit in under ten minutes.

Concept for Alastor is credited to Bertrand Fong- one of the most creative and insightful traders I have met to date.

The Netincome Formula Group does not sell to the public nor will ever do so. The algorithms remain under full control and benefit of its creators. With a few exceptions, the team may allow third party copy trading. Email us with a good reason and we may consider.

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